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  1. Before Sunrise Snippet 0:30
  2. Cage I Rattle Snippet 0:30
  3. Just So You Know Snippet 0:31
  4. My Place Snippet 0:31
  5. Twice Snippet 0:30


Joe Cotton Band At Arts Garage

Joe Cotton Band Puts Smiles On Faces

Joe Cotton and his band had their sights set on playing a local Delray Beach landmark later this year and perhaps recording a...

Lounge, Studio A - Lotsa Grammys

At The Studio

There was nothing quite like spending the day with my good friends, producer, and partners at Criteria Studio in Miami. Yes, that’s the...


No upcoming event scheduled


Joe Cotton Sings with the Miami Symphony Orchestra

The Joe Cotton Band EPK

My Place


Influenced by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Black Crowes, Government Mule, The Grateful Dead and just about any jam band and classic Rock ‘N’ Roll from the ‘70s and countless acts from blues, country, folk and the ‘50s and ‘60s bands, Steve Martel and a tight group of peers are making unique original music with an attractive tone. The Joe Cotton Band is led by Steve Martel, vocals, guitar, song writer.

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